FLI Assistant

A Leading Network

FLI's key offering to its clients is the unique Assistant General Counsel (Assistant GC™) support, in which FLI functions as the "outsourced extension of the in-house counsel." Acting as the coordination and management center of gravity for cross-border services rendered by the FLI NET™ member firms, FLI's business model empowers the client to focus on other more value-added activities than managing a multitude of law firms in various jurisdictions.


By choosing to work with First Law International, you will reap several significant advantages that we offer to clients with trans-border legal requirements.

Compliance Training & Certification

At FLI, we require all our member partners to undergo FLI's Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance and Certification. This involves getting the latest training and information to enable clients to be at ease, knowing their local representation is 100% compliant and fully certified. This allows for clients' projects to be streamlined and consistent in providing the highest quality of full service, across the globe.

How to use this App?

FLI's Assistant GC App provides clients and potential clients the ability to receive legal support in virtually any jurisdiction, anytime.

Our Business Developers & Project Managers

FLI is powered by former General Counsels of Fortune companies who act as deputies or assistants to the in-house legal departments of multinational clients while simultaneously wearing a business-developer hat. Our extensive in-house cross-border experience makes us uniquely qualified to coordinate and manage legal services rendered by FLI NET Member firms.

The Advisory Board

FLI’s Advisory Board is formed by senior members of the FLI network, who represent all regions in which FLI operates, and counsel together on matters pertaining to membership, best-practice, individual client cases, etc.